Aviary Analytics Logo

We help clients achieve transformative growth
using advanced analytics, data modeling, and AI.

Aviary Analytics Logo

We help clients achieve transformative growth
using advanced analytics, data modeling, and AI.

Aviary is a New York City data science and analytics consultancy with global reach.

We provide advanced analytical services, build high-performance data pipelines, and create sophisticated visualization tools to deliver critical data and insights in real time.

We help unlock the latent value in your data to accelerate the growth of your digital products and platforms. Our work includes:

We optimize the configuration and maximize the quality of insights coming from your analytics platforms – Google Analytics, Adobe, Mixpanel, and others. We are able to work within the platform, as well as extract data for more complex visualization and analysis.
Complex ETL and aggregation; configuration of databases, warehouses and lakes; integration of automation and management tools – we can deliver a wide range of high-performance data engineering solutions in AWS or Google Cloud Platform.
Our team brings unusual enthusiasm to tackling the challenge of messy, inconsistent, or damaged data sets. We are always prepared to roll up our sleeves and solve difficult data integrity problems.

For a wide range of visualization needs including Business Intelligence and real-time monitoring, our team can design fast, intuitive dashboards using a range of popular platforms including Tableau, Grafana, Kibana and others.

Our team brings Ph.D. data scientists together with experienced data engineers to create models capable of solving complex problems in a high-throughput production context.

We configure, run and interpret A/B and multivariate tests using popular testing tools. We can also decipher the reasons behind historical performance changes retrospectively, using statistical analysis to establish counterfactuals and causation.

Important opportunities and disruptive forces can often go undetected by smart, well-intentioned, and hard-working teams. How can data mining techniques help you visualize these challenges and maneuver more effectively, using the data you already own?

Do you truly know how your customers behave? Does everyone else at your company share the same understanding?

Are your key metrics based more on yesterday’s business practices than today’s customer behavior? 

Practical steps for those beginning their journey towards becoming a data-driven organization.

Recent Engagements

Demand and price sensitivity analysis to identify unrealized opportunities for revenue growth; audience modeling to identify and actively engage new, high-value customer segments.

Audience segmentation and analysis of how content consumption behaviors have evolved across platforms in a rapidly fragmenting entertainment landscape.

Investment Banking
Digital product design and data visualization for an online portal, enhancing the customer experience of a sophisticated B2B lending business.