Aviary Analytics Logo

We help clients evolve and elevate performance
using advanced analytics and data modeling.

Aviary Analytics Logo

We help clients evolve and elevate performance
using advanced analytics and data modeling.

Aviary Analytics is a New York City analytics and data science consultancy with global reach.

We help organizations acquire, manage, analyze, and extract value from data. Our team specializes in surfacing unseen trends and unrealized opportunities using sophisticated analytical and machine learning techniques.

These insights foster a deeper understanding of customer behavior, business processes, and market forces – the crucial ingredients for competitive advantage and transformative growth.

Data Discipline Areas

A framework for using data to evolve your business

Our work goes beyond analytical and technical deliverables, creating a holistic framework which incorporates:

We help teams develop data literacy, break down the silos that constrain effective data sharing, and align the broader organization around a comprehensive data-centric strategy for growth.  

We help implement the processes, workflows and tools to disseminate important data and insights throughout an organization and inspire highly coordinated action.

We use research and qualitative insights to complement data analytics and answer nuanced “why?” questions around consumer behavior and other complex topics.

We help clients navigate the crowded landscape of data platforms, tools and technologies – evolving sophisticated data infrastructure to efficiently serve the needs of the business.

Our analysis and data modeling efforts integrate all available data to find as-of-yet unseen trends and opportunities, to help inform and focus decision-making.

We clean, enrich, and maximize the utility of first-party data, select complementary third-party data, and provide clear frameworks for data collection, management and governance. 

Important opportunities and disruptive forces can often go undetected by smart, well-intentioned, and hard-working teams. Can the data you already own help you visualize these challenges and maneuver more effectively?

Do you truly know how your customers behave? Does everyone else at your company share the same understanding?

More than every job in NY+TX+FL+NJ combined. Or more than every job in 29 smaller states taken together. See how many entire states’ worth of jobs are needed to add up to number of new unemployment claims filed in the eight weeks since the Coronavirus crisis began.

Are your key metrics based more on yesterday’s business practices than today’s customer behavior? 

Recent Engagements

Demand and price sensitivity analysis to identify unrealized opportunities for revenue growth; audience modeling to identify and actively engage new, high-value customer segments.

Audience segmentation and analysis of how content consumption behaviors have evolved across platforms in a rapidly fragmenting entertainment landscape.

Investment Banking
Digital product design and data visualization for an online portal, enhancing the customer experience of a sophisticated B2B lending business.