Our service offering is designed for clients looking to ramp up the data sophistication of their organization or augment an in-house data team. We act as a strategic partner to our clients, identifying how to generate the most value from data initiatives as quickly as possible, while creating a roadmap for long-term growth.

Our offering includes:

Data Strategy

Connecting all facets of data analytics to support broader digital transformation
Having a holistic data strategy is crucial to ensure data and analytics initiatives are aligned with overall goals, understood across the organization, and measured effectively. We work collaboratively with internal teams to prioritize projects, calibrate investments of time and budget, and deliver steady progress with measurable results.

Web Analytics

Quantifying and optimizing the performance of web and app digital experiences
We enhance the implementation of your Google, Adobe, or other digital analytics platform; deliver richer insights using advanced segmentation and querying techniques; convey a deep understanding of how various audiences find and interact with your site or app, and quantify how that behavior is evolving over time.

Behavioral Segmentation

Classifying and targeting your customers based on common behaviors and attributes
Using proven statistical methods, we deliver deeper insights into how your customers truly interact with your brand, segmenting customers by common behaviors and attributes. This enables you to target and personalize your offering by segment, and measure the results of your actions much more precisely.

Customer Journey Analysis

Analyzing and optimizing interactions across the totality of the customer journey
By bringing together behavioral, attitudinal, psychographic and demographic data to map and analyze the totality of the customer journey (both online and offline), we surface new opportunities to enhance marketing, sales and the customer experience

Marketing Ecosystem Optimization

Understanding trends and interactions across a broad set of marketing touchpoints
We harmonize data sources, metrics, attribution models, reporting, and other key facets of your marketing activities to provide a true 360º view of your marketing ecosystem; resulting in improved attribution, optimized spend across channels, and a timely view into marketing performance.

Dashboards & Reporting

Capturing and visualizing critical insights to inform decisions and stimulate action
Utilizing existing analytics or BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio, Looker, Domo, Amazon QuickSight, or custom technology, we create dashboards, reports, and alerts that rapidly communicate critical metrics, trends, and important calls to action across your organization.

Data Engineering and Automation

Developing and implementing technical infrastructure, tooling and workflows
We implement AWS, Google, or Azure cloud-based data infrastructure and tooling; create data pipelines and workflows, and get the right data into the right environments for analysis, modeling, and production use.

Data Quality Enhancement

Repairing, organizing and enriching data to maximize its utility and value
We begin with existing data that is incomplete, unstructured, incorrect, or otherwise challenging to work with. We organize, establish taxonomies, detect anomalies, and align multiple data sets to deliver clean, useful data that can be trusted. We explore how enrichment with third-party data sources can make your internal data more useful than ever before.

Service Highlight: Behavioral Segmentation

Many organizations continue to view their customer data as a monolithic whole, using the average performance of all customers when calculating KPIs. But steering the behavior of all customers is extremely challenging. By segmenting customers into groups with similar behaviors and attributes, taking targeted actions and measuring incremental performance changes becomes dramatically more accessible and effective. Creating a virtuous cycle of targeted optimization and growth quickly becomes a reality, and the impact of decisions becomes clearer than ever.

Customers can be segmented using the dimensions most relevant to a given organization. For example, a retailer may segment by purchase frequency and average spend; a publisher by visit frequency and volume of content consumed; or an NGO by engagement time and donation amount. Product or content preferences, demographics, affinities, purchase intent, and other quantifiable attributes can also be used for segmentation. 

To learn more about behavioral segmentation, read How Data-Driven Customer Segmentation Can Lead to a True Single Customer View – or contact us to discuss how this tactic may be relevant to your organization.

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