Job Opportunities

Aviary Analytics is a fully distributed analytics and data science consultancy with team members on four continents. We seek out both generalist and specialist talent – great collaborators who are interested in contributing to meaningful work and expanding their horizons.

The following contract positions offer competitive pay, flexible hours, and the ability to work from any location globally. We are seeking candidates interested in both long-term engagements as well as short-term freelance gigs which can be completed outside of traditional business hours. Candidates must be expert at using online collaboration tools for data-centric projects, thoughtful communicators, and creative thinkers.


You have experience using both commercially available analytical tools (Tableau, Google Data Studio, Amazon Quicksight, PowerBI, advanced Excel, etc.) as well as at least intermediate programming skills for data manipulation and modeling (SQL plus Python or R). You carefully absorb details about business challenges, and evaluate how to utilize those tools and programming skills to conduct the most productive analyses. You’re comfortable working with “real-world” (read: messy) data sets, and understand how to evaluate the reliability of data and repair / enrich data where possible. You know how to locate useful third-party data sets to add value to first-party data, as part of a comprehensive analysis effort. Your analysis is delivered with clear language and visuals, synthesizing the most critical insights into clean storylines non-technical audiences can act upon. You are comfortable working with data engineers and data scientists for more complex data management and modeling, and design / visualization specialists for complex visualization tasks or where a high degree of polish or interactivity is required for final deliverables.

Data Engineer - AWS / Google Cloud Platform

You have extensive experience implementing and scaling effective, reliable, secure infrastructure and systems to support large-scale data initiatives, primarily in the AWS or GCP ecosystem. This includes setup of high-performance production databases and data warehouses, extensive experience with ETL and building batch and streaming data pipelines, manipulating structured and unstructured data, use of commercial integration tools as well as development of custom APIs. Exceptional Python and SQL skills are essential. 

Data Visualization Designer

You have the ability to work closely with data scientists and statisticians to understand the insights extracted from complex data sets and create beautiful visualizations that communicate those insights in an accessible and polished manner. You’re comfortable designing static, animated, and interactive visualizations. For animated / interactive work, you either have motion graphics or web animation skills, or experience working hand-in-hand with an animator or web UI developer to bring interactivity to life. You are comfortable creating concise, punchy visualizations for social media delivery, as well as rich, full-screen visualizations for web or environmental use. Print or editorial design expertise is a plus though the majority of our work is delivered digitally.
To apply, please email your CV and a note explaining your interest and areas of expertise to

Our Values

Our core values guide our daily decisions as well as our long-term ambitions:

The spirit of discovery and “uncovering truth” is our reason for existing.
Our work aims to brightly illuminate the insights within a complex, messy, and rapidly changing world.
We embrace the reality that success lies at the end of a journey that is rarely predictable or direct.
Our team represents a range of people with different capabilities and levels of experience. We are humble and focus on supporting and educating each other through continuous constructive feedback.
Only through successful alignment of multiple disciplines, attitudes, and approaches do we achieve our greatest potential.
Varying experiences, backgrounds, skills, interests, and mindsets are critical to solving complex problems. We seek out and embrace a team that is geographically and culturally diverse.
Elegant solutions require effort, precision, and time. With the right attitude, care and investment, the result of our work will be beautiful.
We aim to create opportunities for the underserved and elevate all we engage with. This applies to our team as well as the ability to have an impact through both paid and pro-bono work.

At Aviary Analytics we only work with ethical clients, vendors, and data sourced in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. We consider consumers to be stakeholders in our process and protect their interests at all times.